Thursday, August 9, 2012

Exercise in Creating Your Future

There are two kinds of people: Those who wait for events to carry them along, and those who take what comes and with it design
their own futures.
One of the most powerful success factors in life is envisioning a future. You cannot reach what you cannot imagine. Envisioning a
state of affairs of your own desire is the first step in making the future happen.
A Simple Exercise
Consider a project you are working on today. Perhaps it's starting your own business, building a tool shed, creating a
quilt, or taking an adventure vacation in Cambodia. Pick any goal so long as it has deep significance for you.
Now...let your imagination roam for a minute. What does the successful outcome of your project look like? How do you think
you will feel once you've achieved it?
Let your mind stay in that vision a little longer, then take a pen and paper -- or sit down at the keyboard -- and finish the
following sentence:
On the day my project sees success, I awake in the morning and...
Describe what that day is like for you. How is your life different? What are the significant others in your life doing?
Where do you go? What can you see yourself doing?
Your Successful Outcome
There is no secret to why the act of envisioning a successful outcome is so important. The act of imagining the thing as
complete sets off a complex sequence of thinking.
Envisioning stimulates a natural process that gets you brainstorming about the next actions you can take to reach that
vision. As David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, says, "You won't see how to do it until you see yourself doing it."
Using your imagination in this way triggers action. When you imagine obstacles in the path to your dreams, you'll find
obstacles. Giving the mind a positive goal sets events in motion and generates an enthusiasm that pulls you forward. The more
clearly you can imagine the future, the greater the likelihood that you'll get the results you want.
Starting today, begin every project by clarifying its purpose and imagining what a successful outcome looks like. You will be
astounded at the results!