Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Look at Soda Vending Machines

Soda vending machines come in a number of sizes. You can get soda vending machines in a system that holds just four or six selections, or you can get machines that dispense dozens upon dozens of cans. Choose a smaller size if you're looking to save money or space. Choose a larger size if you think the customers will be diverse enough in their tastes, and if you think total traffic will merit the greater number of selections.
Soda vending machines can be the closed-box type, where you can't see the beverages, or the glass-front type, where the beverages are visible. The advantage to the closed-box type is anonymity; the customer can't see what's missing, and you don't have to clean out the inside as often to make it presentable. The advantage to the see-through machines, however, is that the customer can see exactly what they're buying. Sometimes just displaying the product clearly is enough to make the customer want to buy it.
Some machines are customizable for either cans or bottles. The bottles can be plastic or glass (although today, more manufacturers have found it more economical to offer soda in plastic bottles and glass is becoming increasingly rare). To adjust for cans or bottles, there are a number of possible mechanisms. Some are as simple as pushing or pulling a panel in the back of the machine, to simultaneously adjust all slots. The advantage to this is that you can switch up product styles to find out which style maximizes your profits at any given time. These adjustable machines also allow you to adjust the price, as with all vending machines.
Soda vending machines vary widely in price. If you want to buy new, your advantage is that there is less that is likely to go wrong, you will have warranty coverage, and you might even have service coverage on your soda machines.